Stories for World Tarot Day 2016


Ciro Marchetti


Tarot story 1


Several years ago I used to participate in local art fairs. I sold prints and canvas giclee reproductions. The rules of participation were that you couldn't sell anything that was mass produced. Only limited edition quantities, as opposed to large commercial print runs. So I couldn't  officially sell any decks, but unofficialIy I always kept a few at the back of the booth, just in case anyone with an interest in tarot happened to turn up. In order to encourage such an encounter I always used to hang a large canvas of a tarot reader image at the front of the booth. Most people who were familiar with tarot would most likely notice, enter the booth for a closer look and we would strike up a conversation. On one particular occasion a woman entered and stood there studying the image for a long time, we talked and she actually owned one on decks.... I asked her if she would be interested in seeing the new deck I had recently completed (the original edition of the Tarot of Dreams). She apologetically clarified that she wasn't in a position to buy anything, but it didn't matter, I wasn't making a sales pitch. She slowly....very slowly.... studied each card, and waved her hand over each in a circular motion... After several cards she was weeping, much to my embarrassment, my wife's concern, and the curiosity of other members of the public who were coming in and out of the booth. Almost an hour later, she finally got through the entire deck, which I ended up gifting to her. But she had also given me a gift, a real world example of the emotive potential of these images. Unlike all the academic critiques on various tarot forums passing judgement on ones work, this woman's raw emotion was uncensored and from the heart. That very night I returned home and started sketching the first drafts of the next tarot project.


Tarot story 2.

No matter how well things go, how many sales, compliments or positive reviews I am always handicapped with self doubt. This has resulted in two significant tarot related business mistakes. The first was with the Tarot of Dreams. In an attempt to keep everyone happy I decided to print two batches of the first edition, one with a gloss finish, the other with a matt. Personally I just didn't like the look of the matt, to me it just seemed dull, and I was convinced that customers would feel the same and even more convinced that they would never sell. This was the first such project I had self published in this manner so I had no idea or reference point of potential sales. So rather than have my garage littered with unsold inventory as I imagined would be the case, I literally threw them away, hundreds of them. Keeping only a quantity that I thought I would have a more reasonable chance of selling. As things turned out I sold out of both gloss and matt, and eventually even produced follow up editions. So several months later in a masochistic way I calculated the value of what I had thrown away.... I can officially say there are approximately $17000 worth of Tarot of Dreams bio degrading in a Florida landfill. Well played Ciro....well played.


Tarot story 3.

When I produced the GIlded Reverie Lenormand, I felt that while  the traditional set of 36 images provided an ample spectrum of concepts for a comprehensive reading, there was room for more cards that might provide additional perspective if required. In total I produced 11 extra cards. But once again had pangs of self doubt. Some I did include in my self published special edition, and four never saw the light of day, but when the deck took some heat from the traditionalists on a particular on line forum I decided to play it safe  and exclude the extra cards from the licensed edition I licensed to USG and just go with the basic 36 cards of the traditional Lenormand system. Once again I regreted my decision after the fact, because while the traditionalists dismissed these additional cards, the wider public embraced them enthusiastically, and I regularly receive enquires asking if the extra cards are available... Conclusion..... Forget the "experts" and remember the weeping woman in the tent instead....and definitely avoid the landfill.





Approximately eight years ago my granddaughter and I went to a psychic night being held at the local pub.  I was really disappointed with my reading, because it didn't relate to anything in my life ... at that time.  The reader told me that there was a massive disappointment and that hopes and dreams had been shattered.  He told me that a person close to me was fighting a dragon and nothing or was able to help this person fight the dragon.  He wanted to be left alone. Fast forward two years and my partner had a motor bike accident which broke his back and he is now paralysed.  He has never come to terms with this, and nothing helps him to move forward.  He is indeed fighting a dragon and our hopes and dreams have indeed been shattered.

My granddaughter had been made redundant from a job she enjoyed and had broken up with her boyfriend.  Her tarot reader told her that within a couple of months of returning home, she would get a new and better job with more money, a job she would like more than the previous one, and that she would get a new boyfriend.  Two months after returning home she started a new job and had a new boyfriend she is still with eight years later.

Were these guys psychic, or did the cards tell the story?  I don't know.  

This question reminds me of a reading I had done about twelve years ago.  it was in Blackpool where there is a Gypsy Rose Lee tarot reader every few yards, and they have cute little chalets.  Anyway the reader I chose gave me a good reading, everything she said was spot on.  The one thing that stuck in my mind however, was that she told me I was having a problem with a door in my house.  At that precise time, my brother-in-law was in the house fixing a door I was having issues with.  Was she psychic?  I don't know, what I do know is that I'm starting to take an interest in the Thoth tarot and I now know that a Hebrew correspondence for the Empress is 'door'.  Did she read that from the cards or was she a mind reader, or was she psychic? all I can say is, that I hold those Gypsy Rose Lee tarot readers in the highest regard now, instead of light entertainment at a seaside resort, because they must know all the correspondences in the Thoth and can then break them down into the mundane matters that occur in our lives.  




Teresa Raphael

I never touched a tarot deck until I was 40 because I am a recovering fundamentalist preacher's daughter raised to fear and avoid anything of the occult including all forms of divination. My first deck was the thoth and I began collecting decks and exploring various forms of divination including runes and the i ching. I started reading professionally and found I could earn a better living than as a paralegal and put both my kids thru college.