From Jake Kent - Peaks, Valleys and Predictions Spread

Lay out 6 cards in two diagonal lines of 3 each, starting top left, card 1 - slightly lower to the right of it, card 2 - slightly lower to the right of it card 3 - next to it card 4 - slightly higher to the right of it card 5 - slightly higher to the right of it, card 6. (so, almost an arrowhead pointing down).

Card 1:   Lessons/advice to take from previous year

Card 2:   What baggage you bring with you

Card 3:   Good energy coming into the new year

Card 4:   Advice from spirit

Card 5:   How to put down the baggage for the new year

Card 6:   Prediction for the querent


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From Steph Engert - New Year Spread:

2 cards at the top:

left: what I am concluding, leaving behind from this year

right: what I carry over from this year to the next

Next row four cards for the four worlds:

What will be relevant for me in the coming year

- materially
- intellectually
- emotionally
- spiritually

The third row: One card to sum up what is important in the next year

Fourth row: One card what I should do immediately or in the very first days of the new year for a good start and to set the 'tone'.

One should pay attention to the elements in the spread, not only in the four cards for the four worlds to see which concerns are most relevant, sum up the numbers to see what message is there for the coming year and look for which symbols/colours etc. spring out or link the cards in the spread for additional insights.